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  • General Questions
    Is Unii free? Yes, Unii is free to access and use. How old must I be to use the service? You must be at least 18 years old to access and use our services. Individuals between 13 and 18 years old must receive permission from a parent or guardian before accessing or using our services. Anyone below 13 may not access nor use our services. Please refer to our Policies for more information.
  • Upload Content
    Why is my content cropped? Images and videos posted are framed. Simply tap on the image or video to view it in Fullscreen Why is my post is not uploading after tapping Upload? Try exiting the Organize screen, see if it was uploaded, and if not, try again. Please Contact Us if this persists. Can I edit my post after it is posted? Yes. You may edit certain items after it has been posted.
  • Petitions
    How do I get a PDF of my petition? Once your petition has reached its numerical goal, check your profile page, find your competed petition and tap “Download” near the Action icon.
  • Your Account
    How do I change my password? You may change your password in the app’s settings. How do I change my name? You may change your name in the app’s settings. Can I add a website to my Profile page? Absolutely! Tap edit profile at the top of your Profile page. How do I turn off notification? You may turn off notifications in the app’s settings. What to do if I forget my password? You may reset your password on the Login page.
  • Reports
    How do I know if I have been reported? You will not know when someone reports you. Likewise, whomever you report will not know you reported them. The Unii Team reviews all reports. If we believe the report violates our policies, your account may be deactivated. Will my account be removed if I am reported? Once the Unii Team has reviewed the report, we will determine if there was a violation. Shocking, disagreeable, and other similar content does not necessitate a policy violation subject to account suspension or deletion. Please review our Policies for more information.
  • Organization Account
    Who may apply for an Organization Seal? Established organizations may apply for an Organization Seal. How do I get a seal on my profile? You may apply for an Organization Seal in the app’s settings. Simply upload the requested documents for reviewal and wait for approval or disapproval. Standard documents include official business documents and government-issued IDs displaying the name of an authorized individual for the organization. Do I have to pay for an Organization Seal? There is currently no fee for an Organization Seal. Can I remove my Organization Seal? Yes. You may request a removal by contacting us. What are the benefits of having an Organization Seal? An Organization Seal informs others that your account has been verified, and it adds credibility to your profile. The seal is simply a verification of basic requirements for an entity. It is not an endorsement nor does it allow users to use our trademark.
  • Deactivated Accounts
    What to do if my account was removed? Deleted accounts are primarily the result of policy violations. If your account was deleted, you are no longer allowed the use or access our services.

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